The fragrance of our Dénia store

You were asking for it a lot and… and finally here it is, the fragrance from our Dénia store in 100ml reusable glass bottles.

What does our Dénia store smell like?

We have a very characteristic aroma that is very pleasant to people who pass by the store in Dénia. It is a sweet cinnamon aroma with citrus touches of Mediterranean orange.

Cinnamon stimulates positive thoughts, so this aroma will create very good sensations in the room you want to aromatize.

We call it the aroma of happiness.

Lawak Store Denia

Where can I use this fragrance?

This fragrance is not suitable for the body, it is designed to aromatize a room in the house, a closet or even the car. We also do not recommend that you spray directly on clothing, as it contains alcohol and could stain it. If you want to do it, do it at least 40 cm away.

It is a very concentrated fragrance so just a few sprays will be enough to obtain a pleasant aroma.

What is the fragrance bottle like?

It is a 100ml black glass bottle with bamboo. You can reuse this bottle when it runs out.

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