Landes (France)

Few years ago, because of work reasons, we discovered this region in the southwest of France and fell completely in love with it, in fact we have traveled there several times to take a few days off. It is the best surfing area in Europe, with huge beaches with strong waves, very clean, full of bike paths, and a beautiful landscape, among pine trees and dunes. There are small villages with typical houses, and the gastronomy is one of the top points, there are lot of healthy restaurants offering local food where you can not miss the mussels, fish or duck.

Our favourite town to spend the evening in is Hossegor, which is home to one of the two European stops of the world surfing championship, WSL. Its main beach is called La Graviere, and although it is very beautiful it is not the one we like the most to go swimming because the waves break very close to the shore. The best thing in the town is its main street, which is full of bars, restaurants and shops, the truth is that when you are there you seem to be transported to a California town.

There are a lot of restaurants you can go but the best one for us is Tante Jeanne, there are all kinds of meals including healthy food and its interior terrace is…

The lake in Hossegor is a charm, where you can go for a walk around on the wooden walkway and end up having a snack overlooking the lake at a bar called Le mango Tree in the sandy area of the lake. You can take it at a table or on a mat in the lake’s sand.

Capbreton is another fantastic village, here we use to rent an Airbnb house in which they allow us to take the dogs and that is near the zones of the beaches, because in the summer we love to go to the beach by bicycle or walking. In all these villages cycling is the most common and they have a lot of bike paths everywhere, and you can see whole families cycling.

Two of the best beaches in Capbreton are Lasavane (Santocha) and du Prevent beach. Santocha beach has a beach bar at the entrance where you can have lunch, and in the afternoon you can have a drink while watching a spectacular sunset, it is an ideal beach for surfing, in fact has a couple of schools, but not only the waves are the protagonists, among its huge dunes this beach has bunkers of the Second World War. It is a very long beach, perfect for walks and watch the surfers in action. Prevent beach is located between two breakwaters, right next to the Capbreton casino, it is perfect to go with kids, because it has almost no waves and it is plenty of lifeguards, surf is forbidden in this beach as it is only for leisure. There are a lot of restaurants nearby, public restrooms below the Casino and many bars around. At night you can go for a walk in the center of the village or along the seafront promenade which has a lot of terraced restaurants, including the casino, where you can eat good fish and enjoy spectacular views. For skateboarders there is a very cool skatepark in Capbreton, when we are there we use to move using skate and longbard instead of bicycles, so this is a must see. Biarritz is very close, about 20 minutes away, and it’s a good plan to take the car one evening to have dinner there. It is an elegant city like San Sebastian, with a great surfing tradition. You can walk along the promenade, see the casino, the majestic Hotel du Palais at the end of the main beach, visit the Virgin’s Rock, the lighthouse and end up having some sardines for dinner at the fishing port in Juan Pedro’s house.

There are some other small villages in the Landes very well located to look for accommodation such as Angresse or Seignosse, which by the way have a beautiful beach and are very quiet places. If you are going to the Landes you can’t miss our Lawak swimsuit or bikini to wear the most surfing and exclusive design, so don’t hesitate, enter the website and choose yours. And of course remember that if you have any doubts you can ask us, we will be happy to give you personalized attention.

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