Lawak: About Us

Lawak was born from a Spanish family working at the surf and skate market since 2003. We started as a multibrand shop and have been franchising brands as Billabong, Element, Timberland and Vans. Finally we have seen or dream come true being able to design and create our own brand.

At Lawak We are looking to create more than a plain brand, it has to be a life style, a way to move forward to your dreams and goals, we want you to find inspiration on us to a full and happy life. We want you, together with us, little by little, to make a change towards a more sustainable future.

Lawak Sustainability:

Lawak is an extension of our life, in which little by little we have been making changes in food and sustainability, and we want to take this message through LAWAK to the whole world. We support an environmental change, with sustainable collections of organic materials, thus doing our bit to achieve a healthier planet. For this we get directly involved, not only with our products or our messages, since in addition to each order we send a tree to our customers, so we also get them to get involved, and together we achieve a small big change. Planting a tree is something great for our planet, and we give you the opportunity to do it every time you shop on our website, thus we also offset the CO2 emissions that may occur in shipping.

Our products:

From the designs of the prints, to the colors and shapes of each piece, we make everything from the heart. We love the creative process and we do it thinking about every detail and we can certainly boast that we have achieved incredible quality in each of our products. As a sustainable brand we emphasize that it is better to buy less, but of quality and sustainable. A moderate and sustainable consumption can be the first step towards a sustainable life.

The patterns and drawings of our garments are totally exclusive, many of them inspired by our travels and with the help of our super graphic designer Marta. When building the brand we had the idea of a kids fashion line, so we create their swimsuits using the same patterns as the adults.

We love to travel around the worlds and have a healthy lifestyle from the inside and the outside, and we want to make you part of it using our blog, where you will find all the news about our brand and products along with our travels and healthy recipes. We have been inspired in our travels to get here, in our dream, or brand.

Our favorite destinations have always been those of infinite and paradisiacal beaches, with transparent waters, palm trees with coconuts and fruits of all colors, where the locals do not need more to live than their surfboard, fruit and their swimsuit, and for that they have Lawak has arrived, we provide you with a unique and exclusive swimwear, not only in design, but in quality and sustainability, for the whole family, you choose the destination and the rest comes out alone…. BE THE CHANGE AND ENJOY LIFE.

sustainable fashion
sustainable fashion

We would be glad to be part of it, so when you wear our clothes and took a picture don’t hesitate to use the hashtag #lawaklife in your social network to share your experience.

We have a YouTube channelinspired by sustainability issues. If you also want a change, we invite you to subscribe, we will also inform you of news and news related to our new collections and designs.

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