oatmeal pancakes recipe

receta vegana tortitas de avena

For sure this is our preferred breakfast at home, most days we have an oatmeal pancake breakfast, sometimes with red fruits, others with peanut cream, dark chocolate, papaya … there are infinite combinations to avoid monotony, and the truth is that it is a superb breakfast, apart of being very tasty, it loads you with lot of energy and nutrients for the morning. Oat is a very complete cereal, it’s the one that contains most protein, and provides us with B vitamins including folic acid and vitamin E, as well as iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium and some calcium. It helps us regulate blood sugar, it’s prebiotic and with a high content in fiber, in addition it helps us reduce cholesterol levels, and it’s very satiating because of the high carbohydrate content which helps you control your intake. As you can see it has many advantages, and in addition the recipe is super easy to do and you can prepare the dough the night before. The point is to use a good non-stick frying pan in order to use a small amount of olive oil, and with practice you will get better results.


  • 100 gr oat flakes.
  • 250 ml oatmilk or your preferred milk.
  • 5 dates or ripe banana.
  • 1 egg.


We mix all the ingredients in the blender or your kitchen appliance. If you make the dough at night, you can keep it in the fridge in a glass jar. If you find it too thick in the morning you can pour a bit of milk on it. We have to put a bit of coconut oil, butter or olive oil, in the frying pan and add the dough. The thickness depends on your taste, we like them thin, To get it thin the trick is to have the dough more liquid. We cook it at medium heat till it is cooked on one side, now we turn it over. The type of spatula as well as not turning it over before time is super important to don’t not break the pancake. We turn it over when we see it is almost done at the side against the pan. I will post a video of the process. As I told you before there are a lot of options for the topping, one of the favorite at home is to put a piece of dark chocolate right on top when we you turn it over, it melts over the pancake and it’s great. Another good idea is to use red fruits, both fresh or frozen. We use to have it frozen and take out of the freezer into a glass jar to use for juices, yogurt, etc. We hope you liked it. Any doubt you have you can ask us about it. You can also leave us your comments.

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