Slow fashion or fast fashion, learn to choose.

Do you know what Slow Fashion and Fast Fashion are? We are going to explain it to you so that you can choose the correct option.

Every purchase we make in terms of fashion has a great social and environmental impact on our planet, so we must be aware of this issue, know how to distinguish what our clothes are made of and where.

The fashion industry is the second most polluting on the planet after the agricultural industry. We are stuck in a consumerism loop from which it is not easy to isolate ourselves, we buy tons of clothes a year, very cheap clothes that have a high cost for the planet. Clothes release half a million tons of microfiber into the ocean, the equivalent of 50 million plastic bottles, and not only that, chemical dyes are used to dye clothes that then go to the sea, rivers and farm fields, in addition to the enormous amount of water that each factory uses.

Sustainable fashion
Sustainable fashion

The reality is that most people buy an excess of clothing that accumulates in their closets, often to be used only twice and we are not aware of the impact that this form of consumption has on our planet.

What is slow fashion?

Slow Fashion is an invitation to responsible consumption as far as fashion is concerned. The brands whose manufacture follows this process, promote ethical and responsible practices, both with the environment and with the workers. It does not exactly mean that they manufacture more slowly, but that the manufacturing process takes other times, and that it is more timeless fashion, come on, that they do not enter the loop of the collections that last 2 or 3 months in a store and go down, because that garment no longer has any value. In Slow Fashion, each garment is valued in a different way, from its design, the chosen materials, always respecting the environment, everything is a more special process.

They minimize the use of natural resources to pollute as little as possible, they use organic or biodegradable materials, and they worry about making consumers aware of this problem, because sometimes ignorance makes us follow customs that with very little we can change, and with This will make a big change in favor of our planet. In addition, slow fashion brands make smaller productions, and often unique pieces, which means that you can dress in a much more original and different way.

These brands are usually Zero Waste, and many times they balance the emissions of CO2 actions from transport with other actions in favor of the environment, for example we have LawakTree, an initiative by which we send a small tree in each order on our website, so that the client can get involved with us in reforestation.

What is Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion or fast fashion is characterized by being an overproduction of garments made and sold at a low price. In this type of fashion, the collections change constantly, perhaps more than 4 times a year, so that the previous collection is obsolete, expires and its market price is devalued in the so-called sales. This also leads consumers to a desire for impulsive and unbridled consumption, so the buyer uses it and being so out-of-date and cheap, he discards it easily, waiting for another new and cheap garment, which satisfies him again and which also generates an urgent need for consumption, which leads to the generation of a lot of waste.

It is fashion in which the price usually prevails over the quality, since its objective is that you consume constantly. This environmentally is a horror and leads to fatal consequences for the environment and of course we also pay a price for such cheap clothing, the human price of those people who make it, since on many occasions to get these low prices working conditions are not good.

The productions are massive so it is very normal when you buy fast fashion to find another person in the street with the same garment as you.

Of course, for a brand like us or any brand that wants to be slow fashion, the cost of its product is much more expensive. For example, we manufacture between Spain and Portugal, we only use organic cottons, the thickness and quality of our sweatshirts are much higher than normal, the inks are also top quality and ecological. It will never be the same as a sweatshirt made in any way in Asia, the price influences of course the quality and the impact on the environment will never be the same. It’s up to you.

Those of you who follow us on social networks already know what we always tell you:

It is not a question of not consuming, it is a question of making a responsible and correct consumption with the environment. It is another grain of sand that we can contribute BE THE CHANGE.

Slow Fashion
Slow Fashion

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