10 Tips for a sustainable life

As a sustainable and committed brand that we are, we not only dedicate ourselves to producing clothes with organic or ecological materials, we also like to convey the message of how necessary it is to lead a sustainable life to improve our planet, and that is why we have seen it necessary to write this post of the blog, and leave a few tips for it. Those of you who follow us on social networks already know that we usually post advice of this type, they are very basic things that we can all do, it is only a matter of changing habits, and thinking that we do well together, therefore not only do we benefit , but we all benefit.

Sustainable living
Sustainable living

Can we all collaborate leading a sustainable life and thus achieve a healthier planet?

Of course it is possible. It is true that sometimes we think that it is not in our power to make a more sustainable planet, that it is more a matter of politicians, but it is not like that, with each small gesture we make we contribute much more than we imagine, so think about whether We all do a lot of few, how wonderful the prize will be for everyone, because this phrase is very typical but it is real, THERE IS NO PLANET B, that is, we only have one planet and we must take care of it.

  1. Reduce the consumption of animal products We are not telling you to take the step to veganism if you do not want to, the message is that in general we eat an excess of products of animal origin which does and leads to the first polluting industry on the planet being the livestock industry. There are more and more interesting vegan options that can replace meat, available to anyone, in fact vegan products increase their sale a lot every year, thanks to the fact that people are becoming aware that it is better for them and the planet reduce consumption of animal products.
  2. Reduce the use of plastic. Regarding this, at the time we wrote a blog entry that is very interesting for you to read, Zero Waste. For this we can buy in bulk instead of taking the packaged fruit, always carry our bag when we go shopping, give things a second use, such as glass jars. We leave you the link to a book that for us was very inspiring and that can help you, Zero Waste to save the world from Ally Vispo.
  3. Recycle. Yes, we know, this is basic, but not everyone does. There are more and more facilities in all cities to recycle and separate. Not only in terms of garbage cans, there are also igloos for cardboard and paper, or glass, and also mobile or fixed points that municipalities put to collect other things such as batteries, oil, electrical appliances … It is worth losing 5 minutes and doing it, before that ends up at the bottom of the sea or in the rivers for example. We made a video on our YouTube channel about recycling.
  4. Use the car less. Admittedly, we have become a bit lazy, we take the car even to go to the corner, there are times we go to the gym by car to get on a stationary bike … We are sure that there are times throughout the week when we can substitute the car for a good walk or the bike, and not only will you stop polluting, you will also save money on fuel.
  5. Optimize water use, do not waste when you brush your teeth, take advantage of the excess water from the glasses that you have not drunk to water, and the same when we leave the shower tap open while waiting for the hot water, while we can put a basin that we will later use to scrub or water for example.
  6. Buy less clothes and keep it sustainable. The second industry that pollutes the most is fashion, we buy clothes that we don’t even use later, it accumulates in our closets and we are not aware of what pollutes making each of these garments, the water that is needed and the waste it causes . Conscious consumption is good consumption for you and for the planet.
  7. Take the stairs, not the elevator. Leave laziness aside and take the opportunity to move your body, you will also avoid an absurd energy consumption. Start little by little and you will see how when it is a habit in your life it will cost you nothing and it will give you a lot. A sustainable life begins with a non-sedentary life.
  8. Don’t buy with your eyes. Spain is the seventh country in the E.U. that most food wastes, 7.7 tons per year … Making a responsible purchase is something that is in our hands bought with more head or in small purchases, instead of filling the refrigerator in an excessive way.
  9. Consume products from local companies, seasonal products. In this way, you not only collaborate with the economy of your community, you also greatly reduce fuel costs and emissions from the transport of these products from their countries of origin to your home.
  10. Plant trees. This has a double benefit, direct and indirect: on the one hand, you contribute to regenerating nature and the atmosphere from all the abuses that our species has committed and commits, and on the other hand, you become aware of the needs of the planet and help others, thanks to your example, do it too.

All these tips that we give you are most simple things that are available to anyone. We are not telling you to start doing everything at once, you see little by little incorporating actions into your daily routines and in less than you imagine you will have turned your actions around and you will lead a much more sustainable life. This is true that it will also make you feel much better, just by knowing that you are collaborating with a better approach.

You can tell us things that you do to lead a sustainable life, and we will publish it on social networks, even if there are many ideas we can write another blog entry.

Sustainable living
Sustainable living
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