Sustainable fashion: 7 reasons to choose it.

Sustainable fashion is a healthy alternative for us and for the planet, thus uniting in a product less toxic materials for everyone, responsible consumption and a set of fairer practices.

We have gotten into a consumer loop in the textile sector in which fast fashion pushes us to compulsively buy due to fleeting fashions and very low prices, we use clothes little well because of their poor quality or because we lose our fury and we store it in a corner, and suddenly we are aware of the amount of clothing we have unused, without realizing that the textile industry causes a lot of damage to the planet.

This Greenpeace article explains it clearly.

Today there are a lot of sustainable brands that offer us ecological, recycled, and even biodegradable clothing and give us another better option to this problem that we are generating, and we must begin to consider the choice.

Why consume sustainable fashion?

  1. The textile industry is the second that pollutes the planet after agriculture. Gas emissions, pollution from spills, microplastics … Unfortunately dressing ourselves has become a destruction of the planet, and it should not be like that. Fast fashion or conventional fashion insists on making collections and collections a year, well we could say that there are brands that release new collections every week, leaving the old ones out of date and causing consumers to dispose of their clothes in the trash, since that “already not worn “, instead of giving it a longer use or recycling. Far from this, sustainable brands are committed to longer-term collections, not producing expired clothing, but quality clothing.
  2. Sustainable clothing brands or ecological clothing usually carry brand values with special initiatives that are committed to helping the most disadvantaged, the environment, animals … For example, we in Lawak have an initiative called Lawaktree, we send a small tree with each of our orders to support the reforestation of our forests, and we also involve our clients in it. We are also Zero Waste, all our packaging is recyclable.
  3. Support local business. We do not tell you not to consume, nor can we stop that circle, we tell you to do it with your head. Buy less and of quality and of course support local commerce, there are many sustainable brands in Spain that are committed to a change, open your eyes, organic clothing will surprise you.
  4. This is unique. Conventional brands tell us about exclusive collections, at unpayable prices and also many times they are not, since they have huge world productions, but when buying sustainable brands think that you buy clothes with small productions that can really be called exclusive or “unique pieces” .
  5. Brands with history. Most of the sustainable and ecological clothing brands have a beautiful story behind to tell. Because we are much more than a simple brand, we are a philosophy of life, wanting to reach the maximum number of people to expand our motto of #bethechange, and that makes those sweatshirts or bikinis come to life and make you feel in a very special way every time you remember.
  6. Good materials for you and for the planet. In our productions we use organic cotton for t-shirts and sweatshirts, free of pesticides and chemicals, including the dyes of the prints, we not only use the best qualities, but also those that are not toxic. Take a look at the materials of our bikinis, they are recycled and biodegradable.
  7. You will feel fulfilled, you will bring out your best self, you will get involved once and for all with our planet. Who doesn’t feel good to do their bit towards a healthier planet?
Zero waste

Our final tip on sustainable fashion

In conclusion, sustainable fashion or organic fashion may be more expensive at first glance, but the materials with which they are manufactured, the conditions of the workers, the environmental impact of the product, make the cost of the product more expensive than normal, But if you take into account that thanks to this quality the garment will last much longer and that you are going to adopt a new mode of purchase, out of necessity, and not for leisure or pleasure, the end result will be that you will spend much less and invest it better. Sustainable fashion is not a fashion, it is a lifestyle and it has come to stay.

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