Zero Waste

You may be wondering what zero waste is, but rest assured that we are going to explain it and encourage you to join the Zero Waste movement.

A couple of years ago, after a trip to Bali, and a series of personal circumstances, something clicked in our head and we began a change in ourselves that we later wanted to promote with Lawak. A change with respect to our relationship with the planet that supposedly included a change in ourselves. That change was summarized in leading a much more sustainable life in all aspects, we had finally realized that our planet depends on each and every one of us, on our actions and our way of living.


What is the Zero Waste movement?

The philosophy of the zero waste movement arises in the United States from the hand of Bea Johnson and is based on minimizing the amount of waste generated by each individual. We recommend this book on Zero waste that Bea Johnson has written, its great promoter.

How should we act to carry out the Zero Waste movement?

  • Reduce

We do not need many of the things that we acquire, we must consume less, of higher quality and that they are sustainable products. The more we consume, the more garbage we generate. The number of times that we have kept labeled clothes in the closet for months, and the number of things that we have in drawers stored unused throughout our lives that accompany us and the only thing that they provide us is material value. The truth is that one of our great changes to a more sustainable life was when we changed all that desire to have for living, and enjoying experiences, people, trips, moments.

  • To reuse

If you no longer need it, give it a second life, sell it, donate it, find a second use for it, transform it. Today there are a lot of second-hand clothing sales APPS or stores where we can sell or donate everything that we no longer use. Vinted

We reuse, for example, the glass jars of cooked vegetables or legumes, you can wash them and give them a second life in the pantry. Here you can get ideas.

Avoid buying plastic bottles, take yours and reuse it. Not only is it the cheapest option, it is the most sustainable.

This website has many types, we love them.

  • Refuse

There are many things around us that we must reject and in turn substitute for other sustainable ones, for example plastic. Do not forget to take your bag when you go shopping, so you can say NO to the plastic ones. Another thing that is totally expendable are the straws.

Try to buy non-packaged product, or in bulk.

  • Recycle

Recycling is important but it is no longer enough for the planet, we have to acquire a higher consciousness regarding our consumption. Despite this, we must know that everything that is generated from our consumption can be recycled.

How do we from Lawak to be Zero Waste?

If in our daily life we follow this philosophy, from Lawak we want to send the message to everyone that it is necessary first to change ourselves to change the planet.

Zero waste
Zero waste

The first thing we do is choose the materials for our products that are less harmful to the planet, so we choose organic cottons for our sustainable shirts and sweatshirts, and recycled and biodegradable polyamides and polyester for our swimsuits and bikinis. Our manufacturers send us the product with zero plastic, thus avoiding another excessive step in the production chain.

Our packaging is totally recycled, including the labels of our garments and the rage tapes with which they are attached. In this way we try to generate the least possible waste.

But we wanted to go a step further, and thus we created the Lawaktree initiative, by which we send a gift tree in each of our orders, thus not only we get involved, but we also involve our customers.

lawak tree reforestation

What can each of us do in our day to day to avoid waste?

  • Buy solid, plastic-free cosmetics. There are a lot of brands and alternatives, and they are not only better for the planet, but also for you, they are toxic free, do not put what you would not eat on your skin …
  • Do not forget your cloth bag before leaving home.
  • Choose sustainable fashion brands, take a good look at their components, whether they are organic or recycled. Remember, avoid compulsive purchases, buy less and of better quality, and of course sustainable and local brands.
  • Choose local products and whenever you can buy in bulk.

Leading a zero waste life is sometimes not easy, we live in a society that pushes us towards sometimes absurd consumerism, due to passing fads, but as soon as you have entered this sustainable world, you will see everything with different eyes. You may think that it is more expensive, but not at all, and we guarantee that it will make you feel great, it is great to become part of the solution and not the problem.

In case you want to know more about the subject and you like to read, here are a few zero waste books that can help you.

Five essential books on zero waste

  1. Zero Waste to save the world from Ally Vispo
  2. Vivir sin plástico de Patricia Xenia y Fernando Gómez.
  3. Cero residuo en casa de Bea Johnson.
  4. Residuo Cero de Erin Roas.
  5. Cocina zero waste de Sebastián Simón

We hope this post helps you start the change we all need to make. and we encourage you to practice it. #bethechange

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